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Importance of ICT in Mass Communication

Can you think of the world without ICT? That would take the world back to the Stone Age. If that is bad enough, it will be disastrous for mass communication without ICT. Gathering and dissemination of information will be impossible.

That is why this question, “what is the importance of ICT in mass communication” should be addressed. Let us see how ICT plays a crucial role in the world of communication.

ICT provides tools for communication

Without ICT, communication would not have all the tools it has now at its disposal. Internet, websites, blogs, and social media would not exist without ICT. Communication would be taken back to the use of papyrus, conventional newspapers, and tradition TV and radio. Now that would make it almost impossible to keep the world informed.

ICT makes communication fast

Today, you can watch any event at any corner of the world as it is happening. Live events and real-time reporting are now possible thanks to the technological advancement in communication. With ICT, communication is fast, precise and well targeted. Without these, mass communication would not be as effective as the world knows it.

With ICT, mass communication is affordable

communicationIt is no longer a costly affair to pass information. With an internet connection and a computer, anyone can pass information to the world. It does not cost a dime to post news on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms. This is why major media houses around the world are now embracing technological change. It saves on their communication process. Without ICT, it would be almost impossible to have individuals contributing to the process of communication.

Communication is now able to reach the masses. Thanks to technology, the world is informed without having to struggle for it. The aspect of mass reach would not be as you know of it today if ICT was not in the equation. It is technology that has opened up the world and made it easy for information to flow from one corner to the rest of the world. In fact, mass media would not be as we know it today without the help of ICT.

ICT diversifies communication

It is no longer the time when if you wanted news you had to read a newspaper, watch television or listen to the radio. Today, you can get all information on websites, social media pages, and mobile devices. This diversification has made it possible for communication to be efficient, effective and reach all four corners of the world.

ICT enhances free access to information

Mass communication will never be complete if its end product does not reach the intended users. ICT makes sure that communication achieves its intended objective of reaching the masses. Without technology, mass communication would not be able to achieve its goal.

There is no denying that ICT plays a critical role in mass communication. That is why technology will continue to be at the center of advancing not only the access of information but also the creation of communication messages.