Love Test Vampire now available on Google Play

London, England – 9th of November 2012

Advanced Mobile Applications is proud to announce today the release of the 3rd thrilling edition of the successful series of application dedicated to love and relationships (more than 2,000,000 downloads on Google Play): Love Test Calculator – Vampire Edition. This new version, dedicated to vampire movie fans, can be downloaded for FREE from Google Play Store.

As our fans have already become accustomed, each new edition comes with new tests, new graphics and new characters but, in this new episode, we have focused our attention on the popular vampire movies and characters.

Now we want to challenge our users to find out which vampire movie character could be their perfect match. Either they would prefer hooking up with a passionate and wild Werewolf or a mysterious and romantic Vamp, only this exclusive vampire test will reveal them their real match.

The 2nd test finds them in the unknown world of legendary creatures as we want to help them find out which role would suit them better if they had the chance to play in a vampire movie.

And finally, we have included a special quiz for girls only to help them discover which vampire girl are they more likely when it comes to love. The results will certainly surprise them, discovering their true vampire feminine nature.

For our “eternal” lovers, the Vampire Edition still includes the original key features (the classic Love Test, the Love Calculator and the Tender Words) and, to close this successful year with love and joy, a new Edition of Love Test is preparing to be launched for Christmas with new test and lot of new surprises.

Download Love Test Vampire

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