Hills of Glory 3D – teaser

First screenshots of a new 3D wargame!

The publisher and developer of Babel Rising 3D, the million downloads success, strike back on Android with a 3D tower defense game which takes place during World War II. AMA and Mando Productions are glad to present you the first screenshots of Hills of Glory 3D.

As the army’s last hope, stand your ground against the enemies’ offensives across the European battlefields from the Mediterranean Sea to Germany. Enjoy the offbeat humor of throwing ground and aerial attacks with an improved multi-touch experience.

Go, go, go!



HillsofGlory3D_night HillsofGlory3D_hills HillsofGlory3D_dusk_napalm
HillsofGlory3D_day_napalm HillsofGlory3D_Bunker in game HillsofGlory3D_Bunker