Stars vs. Paparazzi: Jet Set Edition

“Un jeu décalé et décapant qui devrait bien vous faire rire” – Les Applications Android
“A funny twist from other similar games and watching the paparazzi and bodyguards reactions is pretty curious” – Appszoom
“Un bon petit jeu dans la même veine que Plants Vs Zombies.” – Android MT
“It’s been a blast to play” – Android App


Everyone has dreamt of becoming a star, but what is it like to be a celebrity?

A world of glitz and glamour, of course, but you must also learn to face the tabloids and the vultures stalking you for any photo opportunity.

Take your revenge with Stars versus Paparazzi!

In this crazy tower defense game:

  • Play Lady Laguna in this opening version
  • Put your trust in your most faithful fans, who are armed to the teeth
  • Declare war on the paparazzi

In Stars versus Paparazzi, it’s time for you to turn the action back on them!


Game Features:
  • Actor, singer or sports personality, become your inner celebrity (7 stars to unlock).
  • 64 levels.
  • 12 fans ready to become your bodyguards: find the metal-head grandpa, the gothic teen or even the gorilla.
  • More than 12 different weapons to fight off the unyielding paparazzi: from simple boxing gloves, to flamethrowers and even the Kamehameha, there is something for everyone.
  • Next up: Hip Hop edition, Nightclub edition and Rock Stage edition.