IQ Booster

Test your IQ and boost your brain!

The 5 million downloads Java success is back in an all-new version!

Feel embarrassed in public conversations? Want to boost your brain? Look no further! Discover your potential once and for all. Everyone can do it!

Through a series of 30 questions, IQ booster will test your wisdom, knowledge and logic. Even if you are below average, don’t be discouraged. The application offers training sessions with increasing levels of difficulty to boost your IQ. The correct answers will be revealed in case you miss.

If this feels too easy for genius minds, challenge your IQ in the Master section, where near impossible-to-solve problems await you. Enjoy the IQ Booster Express mode to see how fast you clear random questions.

Put your brains in gear!


Game Features:
  • Discover your IQ with a 30 question test over 3 categories: Wisdom, Knowledge and Logic.
  • Train with series of 10 questions and check the correct answers in case you have missed any.
  • Maintain your IQ training in Express mode with 5 fast-paced questions.
  • Challenge yourself in the Master section with 7 hard to solve problems.
  • Compare and share your scores with your friends.